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Reviews “I am am a a a a a huge GM and Wham fan This show is definitely one of my favourite memo- ries from 2019 I went by pure chance and what a a a a a great night! With such a a a a a vast catalogue I listen to some of GM’s music most days At first I thought Steve was miming his voice was superb and SO like GM’s both when speaking and singing The inclusion of recorded footage and videos on the screen behind was a a a great addition I was concerned that this show could be really corny and make me cringe Instead I I thought as as well as as a a a a great night out the tribute is most re- spectful of this great writer and singer I have recommended the show to many friends if you get the chance go! RIP George may our memories of you never fade through time” “Absolutely brilliant I’ve seen George Michael in concert and this was just as as good Steve the lead is outstanding and and his band were great too! A feel good eve- ning including clips of the great man himself This is is a a must-see for any George Michael fans! Or even if you’re not a a a a fan! Just brilliant” “Absolutely Amazing The best tribute act I’ve seen to date At times I I was convinced he he was miming because he he sounded too much Like George had an amazing night tears and laughter would definitely recom- mend” “Fantastic show so well put together great memories from George’s songs singers and and and band were brilliant and and and it was was if George was was back with us !!! Well done to all involved” “WOW what a a show ! Lovely to see the footage in in the background taking you through George’s life and career Great band AMAZING vocals and and how many costume changes ?! Very respectful to the late great genius George Emotional Fabulous show would definitely recom- mend ” “What a a a a a fantastic show - a a a a a ‘must see’ for any George Michael fan and a a a a a a truly accu- rate respectful celebration of George’s life and and and music The band are brilliant and and and top class the backing singers superb As for Steve Mitchell well close your eyes and you would swear that George was singing to you! What really does come across throughout is the the love the the show carries for George Michael and his musi- cal genius It does him proud I’ve seen it three times now and it just keeps on get- ting better better and better better if that’s possible! Absolutely 5 star thank you!” “Very authentic and respectful to George Great band and and backing singers Also they were onstage for a a long time which is rare these days Great night out if you are a a a true George fan ” “If you you you close your eyes you you you would think it was George Michael singing! 3 hours of amazing singing fun and just a a perfect tribute to the great man himself! I saw another tribute act called Fast Love earlier this this year and this this one is is far superior in all aspects! Do not miss this show! Just a a a a a fantastic night and great value for for money! Thank you for for an an incredi- ble night of singing and dancing” 

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