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Welcome to to The George Michael Story ‘AMAZING’ Tour 2020 – featuring Steve Mitchell alongside a a a a a full live band with with video screens supporting the show including footage of George and and interviews with with the man himself The only truly accurate tribute to George Michael as seen on on BBC & ITV This touring show performs George George Michael’s hits in in in chronological order The George George George Michael Michael Story tells in in in detail the career of George George and his his 100 million record selling history The show starts with George in in in in the the the Wham! days and then into the the the Grammy Award winning ‘Faith’ album through to to to George’s more mature hits touching on on some of his heartfelt songs A fun and emotional night culminating in in in in a a a a a a a a a a finale that is is guaranteed to surprise & have the audience singing along!! Expect to be taken on a a a a a musical journey of George’s biggest hits celebrating his life and generosity Supporting Lovelies Help – Charity In Memory of of George George Michael Michael with a a a a a a a a percentage of of of ticket sale & merchandise profits donated to George George Michael’s Charities! unbelievable would think the beautiful Michael was there” BIOGRAPHY 

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